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RĂ©glementation des activitĂ©s financières des banques europĂ©ennes : un quatrième pilier pour l’Union bancaire

par Céline Antonin, Henri Sterdyniak et Vincent Touzé

Sous l’impulsion du Commissaire europĂ©en Michel Barnier, la Commission europĂ©enne a proposĂ© le 29 janvier 2014 un nouveau règlement visant Ă  limiter et encadrer la pratique d’activitĂ©s de marchĂ© pour les banques de taille systĂ©mique, c’est-Ă -dire les fameuses “too big to fail“. suite…»

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The crisis and market sentiment

By Anne-Laure Delatte

Fundamental factors alone cannot explain the European crisis. A new OFCE working document shows the impact of market beliefs during this crisis. In this study, we search for where market sentiments are formed and through what channels they are transmitted. What is it that tipped market optimism over into pessimism? Our results indicate that: 1) there is a strong self-fulfilling dynamic in the European crisis: fear of default is precisely what leads to default, and 2) the small market for credit derivatives, credit default swaps (CDS), insurance instruments that were designed to protect against the risk of a borrower’s default, is the leading catalyst of market sentiment. This result should be of great concern to the politicians in charge of financial regulation, since the CDS market is opaque and concentrated, two characteristics that are conducive to abusive behaviour. suite…»

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The misfortunes of virtue*

By Christophe Blot

* This text summarizes the outlook produced by the Department of Analysis and Forecasting for the euro zone economy in 2012-2013, which is available in French on the OFCE web site

The euro zone is still in crisis: an economic crisis, a social crisis and a fiscal crisis. The 0.3% decline in GDP in the fourth quarter of 2011 is a reminder that the recovery that began after the great drop of 2008-2009 is fragile and that the euro zone has taken the first step into recession, which will be confirmed in early 2012. suite…»

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