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n°19 - october Welfare in Europe and the United States, Gérard Cornilleau, OFCE
n°18 - october Competitiveness and export market shares in high tech industries in the US and the EMU countries: a comparative study, Sarah Guillou, OFCE
n°16 - october The cost of switching Internet providers in the French broadband industry, or why ADSL has diffused faster than other innovative technologies, Jackie Krafft,CNRS, OFCE, Evens Salies, OFCE
n°15 - july Disentangling business cycles and macroeconomic policy in Mercosur: a VAR and unobserved components model approaches,  Jean-Pierre Allegret et Alain Sand-Zantman
n°14 - july Paying transaction costs, Guillaume Daudin, OFCE
n°13 - july The renminbi equilibrium exchange rate: an agnostic view, Antoine Bouveret, Doctorate student, OFCE Sana Mestiri, Doctorate student, SDfi, Paris Dauphine University and  Henri Sterdyniak, OFCE
n°12 - july Convergence and FDI in an enlarged EU : what can we learn from the experience of cohesion countries for the CEECS ?, Sandrine Levasseur, OFCE
n°10 - may Is public capital productive in Europe? Jérôme Creel, OFCE et Gwenaëlle Poilon, doctorante à l'OFCE
n°08 - may Mergers in the GB electricity market: effects on retail charges, Evens Salies, OFCE
n°07 - april « World growth and international capital flows in the XXIst century », INGENUE TEAM: Michel Aglietta (CEPII), Vladimir Borgy (CEPII), Jean Chateau (OCDE), Michel Juillard (CEPREMAP), Jacques Le Cacheux  (OFCE), Gilles Le Garrec(OFCE) and Vincent Touzé (OFCE)
n°06 - march « Macroeconomic Policies and Institutions », Jean-Paul Fitoussi, OFCE
n°04 - february Productivity and Market Selection of French Manufacturing Firms in the Nineties, Flora Bellone, Patrick Musso, Lionel Nesta, Michel Quéré, OFCE
n°03 - february Does vertical integration have an effect on load factor?– A test on coal-fired plants in England and Wales, José A. López, EDF, Evens Salies, OFCE

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