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Recovery aborted

27 November 2014 0

By Christophe Blot This text draws on the article “Le piège de la déflation: perspectives 2014-2015 pour l’économie mondiale” [The deflation trap: the 2014-2015 outlook for […]

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Euro zone: Recovery or deflation?

24 April 2014 0

By Céline Antonin, Christophe Blot, Sabine Le Bayon and Danielle Schweisguth This text summarizes the OFCE’s forecast for 2014-2015 for the euro zone economy Will […]

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The onset of deflation

19 April 2013 0

By Xavier Timbeau This text summarizes the April 2013 forecasts of the OFCE. The global economic and financial crisis that began in late 2008 is […]