The energy companies: Green is making them see red

By Sarah Guillou and Evens Salies [1]

Does the common energy market unduly favour renewable energy sources (“renewables”)? This is the opinion of the nine energy companies that appeared before the European Parliament in September. According to them, meeting the target of having 20% of final energy consumption in the EU come from renewable sources by 2020 would have a negative impact on the electric energy sector, and in particular could harm both the energy companies’ financial results and the security of the electricity supply. There is no denying that since the late 1990s the EU has conducted a very active policy promoting RES in this field. The European Commission (EC) has made numerous suggestions to the Member States about ways to meet the 20% target (see Directive 2009/28/EC), including guaranteed purchase prices for electricity produced from renewable energy sources, tax credits, etc. Moreover, in 2011 this set of measures has enabled the EU-27 to hit a level of 22% of electricity generated from renewables, hydroelectricity included (Eurelectric, 2012) [2]Continue reading “The energy companies: Green is making them see red”

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