Green employment: What, where and how much?

An exploratory study on the magnitude, geographical distribution and effects of green employment in the United States by Francesco Vona, Giovanni Marin, Davide Consoli


Addressing grand environmental challenges (e.g. climate change) entails adapting the skill base and, thus, the composition of the workforce. Recent interventions both in the form of environmental regulation or of subsidies – i.e. the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 and its green component which accounts approximately for 15% of the overall fiscal stimulus – revived the debate on whether environmental policies create or destroy employment. However, existing empirical evidence on green employment is limited in terms of timespan and scope due to data constraints. In a recent study (Vona et al., 2018), we tackle this gap by elaborating a novel approach to measure green employment in US local labour markets. Lire la suite de « Green employment: What, where and how much? »

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