AAA, AA+: much Ado About no+hing?

by Jérôme Creel

The loss of France’s AAA rating on Friday the 13th ofJanuary 2012 was a historic event. It poses three questions: should the austerity measures announced in autumn 2011 be strengthened? Why has Germany been singled out? And what is to be done now? Continue reading “AAA, AA+: much Ado About no+hing?”

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Why the developed countries should renounce their AAA rating

By Catherine Mathieu and Henri Sterdyniak

By their very nature, states with monetary sovereignty should renounce their AAA rating: indeed, what is the logic behind having the rating agencies rate a state whose default is rendered impossible by its ability to create its own money? To avoid dependence on the rating agencies and put an end to the crisis in Europe, the Member States of the euro zone must recover their monetary sovereignty through the joint, virtually complete guarantee of their public debts. Continue reading “Why the developed countries should renounce their AAA rating”

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