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What minimum wage for Germany?

23 September 2013 0

By Odile Chagny and Sabine Le Bayon The campaign for the parliamentary elections taking place on 22 September in Germany has engendered a broad debate […]

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How can one defend the 1%?

23 July 2013 0

By Guillaume Allègre In a forthcoming article in the Journal of Economic Perspectives[1], Harvard Professor and bestselling textbook author Greg Mankiw defends the income earned […]

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Roofs or ceilings?

2 July 2013 0

by Philippe Weil The bill to promote access to housing and urban renovation provides for regulating rents “mainly in urban areas where there is a […]

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Reforming the conjugal quotient

20 June 2013 0

By Guillaume Allègre and Hélène Périvier As part of a review of family benefit programmes (the motivations for which are in any case debatable), the […]