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Workshop - First Paris New Paradigm Workshop


Driven by major debates in the US and growing popular pressure for climate action, the economic and political potential of a ‘Green New Deal’ is generating a lot of excitement on both sides of the Atlantic. But there is little clarity over what people mean by a Green New Deal, and therefore over its economic impact. The Workshop will delve into the macroeconomics of a deal. How broad must it be to be really effective and how could it be financed? How can the necessary political coalition be built to push it forward? And what can we learn from Roosevelt’s New Deal and the role it played in shaping the post-war paradigm?


Programme :
Preliminary Program :

10:00-10:15 Introduction - The economics of a Green New Deal
Thomas Fricke, New Paradigm Initiative; Xavier Ragot, OFCE
10:15-11:00 Lessons from the 1930s - On Roosevelt's New Deal and how it shaped the post-war paradigm
* Paper presentation: Laurie Laybourn-Langton
* Discussant: Pierre-Cyril Hautcoeur, EHESS 
11:00-12:15 On the economics of a Green New Deal - How broad must the scope of a deal be for it to have a significant macroeconomic impact 
* Study presentation: Xavier Timbeau, OFCE
* On the global need for climate investment - Paper presentation by Carlo Jaeger & Sarah Wolf,   Global Climate Forum, Berlin
* Discussants tbc 
Coffee Break
12:30 New Paradigm Speed Dating - Eric Lonergan, M&G Investments 
Lunch Break
14:00-14:45 US perspective - how seriously will a Green New Deal be discussed in the run-up to the 2020 election?
* Nell Abernathy, Roosevelt Institute
14:45-15:45 A Deal beyond the Green - on the potential for a wider investment agenda
* Sebastian Dullien, IMK
* NN, France Stratégie
Coffee Break
16:00-17:30 Where will the money come from - how to finance a Green New Deal (and make it compatible with existing fiscal rules)
* Alain Granjean, Carbone 4
* Ann Pettifor; PrimeEconomics
* Bill White, former Head of the Monetary and Economic Department, BIS
18:00-19:30 Public Podium - On the opportunity of a Green New Deal
* Gerhard Schick, Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende, former Bundestag deputy Greens
* Jakob von Weizsäcker, Federal Ministry of Finance Germany
* Laurence Tubiana, ECF (tbc)
* Michel Aglietta, Paris Nanterre University
* Michel Houdebine, French Treasury 

Scientific Contacts :
Thomas Fricke (New Paradigm Initiative), thomas.fricke[at]europeanclimate.org
Xavier Ragot (OFCE), xavier.ragot[at]sciencespo.fr

Communication :
Sylvie Le Golvan (OFCE), sylvie.legolvan[at]sciencespo.fr

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En raison d'un nombre limité de places, les inscriptions seront closes le 12 septembre

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