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Monetary Policy During the Pandemic: Fit for Purpose?


Christophe Blot, Caroline Bozou and Jérôme Creel
Monetary Dialogue Paper for the European Parliament

This contribution reviews the ECB measures since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, i.e. the extension of APP and the introduction of PEPP. We show that APP announcements have helped steer inflation expectations upward. We also show that PEPP has alleviated fragmentation risk. Finally, we show that since the mid-2000s, ECB measures have had real effects on euro area unemployment rates, nominal effects on inflation rates and financial effects on banking stability.
This paper was provided by the Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies at the request of the committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) ahead of the Monetary Dialogue with the ECB President on 18 March 2021.


The Anatomy of Government Bond Yields Synchronization in the Eurozone, Working Paper
Claudio Barbieri, Mattia Guerini, Mauro Napoletano

The Global Transmission of U.S. Monetary Policy, Working Paper
Riccardo Degasperi, Seokki Simon Hong, Giovanni Ricco

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Series of Webinars on Economics of Environment Energy and Transport (SWEET) : 16h, en virtuel sur Zoom :
- 30 mars : M. Tivadar et Y. Schaeffer (Univ. Grenoble Alpes): "From Spatial Segregation to Environmental Inequalities"
- 13 avril : Martino Pelli (Université de Sherbrooke)
- 11 mai : Alejandro Capparos (CSIC, Spain)

L'OFCE recrute ! :
- un-e macroéconomiste appliqué-e pour son Département des études
- un-e microéconomiste appliqué-e pour son Département de Recherche sur l’Innovation et la Concurrence

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