01 June

Inequality and macroeconomic models

Stéphane Auray et Aurélien Eyquem


28 April

Why – and how – to make Next Generation EU (NGEU) sustainable

Frédéric Allemand, Jérôme Creel, Nicolas Leron, Sandrine Levasseur, Francesco Saraceno



22 February

The UK budget: From support to austerity

Hervé Péléraux


25 January

Has inflation in the euro zone peaked?

Christophe Blot





The Local Labor Market Effects of Modern Manufacturing Capital: Evidence from France

Philippe Aghion, Celine Antonin (OFCE, Sciences Po) , Simon Bunel and Xavier Jaravel
American Economic Association: Papers and Proceedings

Working Paper

Comparing different features of a fiscal stimulus in the euro area

Caroline Bozou, Jérôme Creel

Working Paper

Digitalisation and productivity: gamechanger or sideshow?

Robert Anderton, Vasco Botelho, Paul Reimers



09 June

The return of inflation: challenges for european economies

Euroframe Conference
Scientific contact :
Sciences Po, Paris

17 July

Redistribution and the wage-price spirals: optimal fiscal and monetary policy

with Xavier Ragot (OFCE, Sciences Po), (with F. Le Grand et T. Bourany)
NBER/Sumer Institute 2023
Cambridge, Boston, USA

18-19 July

Summer Institute (session Innovation), NBER

with Céline Antonin (OFCE, Sciences Po) : "Does Chinese Research Hinge on US Coauthors? Evidence from the China Initiative"
Cambridge, USA

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