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The ECB’s quantitative easing exercise: you’re never too young to start

By Christophe BlotJérôme CreelPaul Hubert and  Fabien Labondance

The ECB decision to launch a quantitative easing (QE) programme was widely anticipated. Indeed, on several occasions in the second half of 2014 Mario Draghi had reiterated that the Governing Council was unanimous in its commitment to take the steps needed, in accordance with its mandate, to fight against the risk of a prolonged slowdown in inflation. Both the scale and the characteristics of the ECB plan announced on 22 January 2014 sent a strong, though perhaps belated signal of the Bank’s commitment to fight the risk of deflation, which has been spreading in the euro zone, as can be seen in particular in inflation expectations over a two-year horizon (Figure 1). In a special study entitled, “Que peut-on attendre du l’assouplissement quantitatif de la BCE?” [« What can we expect from the ECB’s quantitative easing? »], we clarify the implications of this new strategy by explaining the mechanisms for the transmission of quantitative easing, drawing on the numerous empirical studies on previous such programmes in the US, the UK and Japan. suite…»

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The chiaroscuro of the ECB’s « forward guidance » *

By Paul Hubert and Fabien Labondance

“The Governing Council expects the key interest rates to remain at present or lower levels for an extended period of time.” With this pronouncement on 4 July 2013 at the press conference following the monthly meeting of the European Central Bank Board of Governors, Mario Draghi initiated the adoption by the ECB of a new communication strategy called “forward guidance”. Since then these words have always been included in his speech following announcements of the ECB’s monetary policy, and he has repeated them again today [1]. What should we expect? Forward guidance has recently been adopted by several central banks, but the methods chosen by the ECB differ and indicate that this measure will have only limited effectiveness in the euro zone. suite…»

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Le clair-obscur du « forward guidance » de la BCE*

par Paul Hubert et Fabien Labondance

« The Governing Council expects the key interest rates to remain at present or lower levels for an extended period of time[1] ». Par ces mots prononcés le 4 juillet 2013 lors de la conférence de presse suivant la réunion mensuelle du Conseil des Gouverneurs, Mario Draghi amorce l’adoption par la Banque centrale européenne (BCE) d’une nouvelle stratégie de communication dite de forward guidance. Ces mots ont été depuis ce jour toujours inclus dans son allocution qui suit l’annonce de politique monétaire de la BCE, et il les a à nouveau répétés aujourd’hui[2]. Que faut-il en attendre ? Le forward guidance a été récemment adopté par plusieurs banques centrales, mais les modalités choisies par le BCE diffèrent et laissent entrevoir une efficacité limitée de cette mesure dans la zone euro. suite…»

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