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n°35 - december Wealth effects and public debt in an endogenous growth model OFCE/POLHIA Jérôme Creel ESCP EUROPE – OFCE /SCIENCES PO Francesco Saraceno OFCE /SCIENCES PO
n°34 - december The Google thought experiment: rationality, information and equilibrium in an exchange economy Sylvain Barde OFCE
n°33 - december The measurement of economic performance and social progress revisited Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz Chair, Columbia University Professor Amartya Sen Chair Adviser, Harvard University Professor Jean-Paul Fitoussi Coordinator of the Commission, IEP
n°32 - november Global financial crisis: the french policy answer in a EU perspective Catherine Mathieu OFCE Henri Sterdyniak OFCE Université Paris Dauphine, SDfi-LEDa
n°31 - november How deep is a crisis? Policy responses and structural factors behind diverging performances OFCE / POLHIA Jean-Paul Fitoussi OFCE / Sciences-Po Francesco Saraceno OFCE / Sciences-Po
n°28 - november The relationship between health and growth:when Lucas meets Nelson-Phelps Philippe Aghion Harvard University Peter Howitt Brown University Fabrice Murtin OECD, CREST (INSEE).
n°25 - september Capitalism Dynamism: Efficiency and Fairness  Mario Amendola University of Roma La Sapienza Jean-Luc Gaffard University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Institut Universitaire de France (CNRS-OFCE)
n°24 - july The Structure and Growth of International Trade Massimo Riccaboni Department of Computer and Management Sciences, University di Trento (Italy) and Department of Physics Boston University (United States) Stefano Schiavo Department of Economics, University of Trento, and OFCE-DRIC
n°22 - september Feeling guilty and redistributive politics Gilles Le Garrec  (OFCE)
n°21 - july Europe in 2040 : three scenarios  Jean-Paul Fitoussi  (OFCE), Eloi Laurent (OFCE)
n°20 - july Macroeconomic and social policies in the EU 15 : the last two decades  Jean-Paul Fitoussi  (OFCE), Eloi Laurent (OFCE)
n°19 - july A test of the Schumpeterian hypothesis in a panel Of European electric utilities  Evens Salies (OFCE)
n°18 - july Who produces for whom in the world economy? Guillaume Daudin, Lille-I (EQUIPPE) et Sciences Po (OFCE), Christine Rifflart, Sciences Po (OFCE), Danielle Schweisguth, Sciences Po (OFCE
n°17 - july The Ways Out of the Crisis and the Builbing of a More Cohesive World Jean-Paul Fitoussi (Président de l’OFCE et Professeur à l’IEP Paris) Joseph Stiglitz (Professeur Columbia University, Research Fellow OFCE)
n°15 - may Are Export Premia Robust to Innovation Statistics ? Flora Bellone Université de Nice – Sophia Antipolis Sara Guillou OFCE-DRIC Lionel Nesta OFCE-DRIC
n°14 - june Over-simplification and tractability in quasi-linear neg models Sylvain Barde OFCE, John Peirson, University of Kent
n°13 - june Revisiting the ‘machinery effect’: from Ricardo to Hicks and ahead   Mario Amendola University of Roma La Sapienza, Jean-Luc Gaffard University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, OFCE et Institut Universitaire de France
n°12 - may Is technological change biased toward energy? -A multi-sectoral analysis for the French economy  Fatih Karanfil Galatasaray University, Yasser Yeddir-Tamsamani OFCE
n°9 - april Some Thoughts on Industrial Policy and Growth, Philippe Aghion (Harvard University)
n°8 - april Country Size, Appropriate Policy, and Economic Performance: Some Evidence from OECD Countries Mauro Napoletano OFCE-DRIC, Jean-Luc Gaffard OFCE-DRIC
n°7 - april Spatial Localization in Manufacturing: A Cross-Country Analysis Stefania Vitali Chair of Systems Design, ETH Zurich Mauro Napoletano OFCE-DRIC Giorgio Fagiolo Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies
n°6 - april The Political Economy of Balanced-Budget Rules Jérôme Creel (ESCP-EAP et OFCE/Sciences Po), Etienne Farvaque (Université de Lille)
n°4 - march Informational Advantage and Influence of Communicating Central Banks Paul Hubert (OFCE/ Sciences Po)
n°3 - march An Empirical Review of Federal Reserve’s Informational Advantage Paul Hubert (OFCE/ Sciences Po)
n°2 - march Why the Nature of Oil Shocks Matters Elizaveta Archanskaïa (OFCE/Sciences Po) Jérôme Creel (ESCP-EAP European School of Management and OFCE/Sciences Po) Paul Hubert (OFCE/ Sciences Po)
n°1 - march Country size, economic performance and the political economy of the euro zone : an empirical study of the size divide Olfa Alouini (Sciences Po/Humboldt Universitat, Berlin)

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