Gilets Jaunes: Is the Energy Transition Possible while still Reducing Inequality?

by Evens Salies

The gilets jaunes (“yellow vests”)[1] movement offers a striking opportunity to ask whether the Sustainable Development Goals for achieving an energy transition and reducing income inequalities are fundamentally incompatible. Our answer is no! Both objectives must and can be met simultaneously: the political acceptability of environmental policies, such as carbon pricing and subsidies for green technologies, crucially hinges upon their distributional effects. Lire la suite de « Gilets Jaunes: Is the Energy Transition Possible while still Reducing Inequality? »

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Promoting the Energy Transition Through Innovation

by Lionel Nesta, Elena Verdolini, and Francesco Vona

With the striking exception of the USA, countries around the world are committed to the implementation of stringent targets on anthropogenic carbon emissions, as agreed in the Paris Climate Agreement. Indeed, for better or for worse, the transition towards decarbonisation is a collective endeavour, with the main challenge being a technological one. The path from a fossil-based to a sustainable and low-carbon economy needs to be paved through the development and deployment of low-carbon energy technologies which will allow to sustain economic growth while cutting carbon emissions. Lire la suite de « Promoting the Energy Transition Through Innovation »

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