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How can a basic income be defended?

26 December 2013 0

By Guillaume Allègre Following the submission of 125,000 signatures collected by organizations supporting the introduction of a basic income, Swiss citizens will vote in a […]

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How can one defend the 1%?

23 July 2013 0

By Guillaume Allègre In a forthcoming article in the Journal of Economic Perspectives[1], Harvard Professor and bestselling textbook author Greg Mankiw defends the income earned […]

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Reforming the conjugal quotient

20 June 2013 0

By Guillaume Allègre and Hélène Périvier As part of a review of family benefit programmes (the motivations for which are in any case debatable), the […]

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France, Germany: The nonworking poor

11 March 2013 0

By Guillaume Allègre “The ways of thinking society, managing it and quantifying it are indissolubly linked” Alain Desrosières, 1940-2013 The subject of working poverty emerged […]