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n°37 - december The Impact of Financial Constraints on Firms Survival and Growth, Patrick Musso UNSA, GREDEG et CERAM, Stefano Schiavo OFCE-DRIC
n°36 - december Exports and productivity — Comparable evidence for 14 countries , Flora Bellone Université de Nice – Sophia Antipolis, Liza Jabbour Université de Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne, Patrick Musso Université de Nice – Sophia Antipolis, Lionel Nesta OFCE-DRIC,  Stefano Schiavo OFCE-DRIC
n°35 - december Domestic trade and market size in late eighteenth century France, Guillaume Daudin (OFCE)
n°34 - december Does the interaction between shocks and institutions solve the OECD unemployment puzzle? a theoretical and empirical appraisal, Aurélien Gaimon (ENSAE), Vincent Lapegue (ENSAE), Paola Monperrus-Veroni (OFCE), Noé N’Semi Gaimon (ENSAE), Frédéric Reynès (OFCE), Maël Theuliere (ENSAE)
n°33 - december Evaluating the Impact of the French tax credit on the employment rate of women, Elena Stancanelli (OFCE)
n°32 - december If it’s Broken, Don’t Fix it: The Government of the Euro area in the EU “Reform Treaty”,  Éloi Laurent (OFCE)
n°31 - october The Irish Tiger and the German Frog: A Tale of Size and Growth in the Euro Area, Éloi Laurent (OFCE), Jacques Le Cacheux (OFCE)
n°30 - october Product Innovation and Survival in a High-Tech Industry , Roberto Fontana (University of Pavia), Lionel Nesta (OFCE)
n°28 - october The Determinants of Capital Buffers in CEECs, Francesco d’Avack, Sandrine Levasseur (OFCE)
n°27 - september A forewarning indicator system for financial crises : the case of six central and eastern european countries, Irène Andreou (GATE) Gilles Dufrénot (Université Paris 12) Alain Sand-Zantman (OFCE) Aleksandra Zdzienicka-Durand (GATE)
n°25 - september Export prices and increasing world competition: evidence from French, German, and Italian pricing behavior , Sarah Guillou et Stefano Schiavo, OFCE
n°22 - july Fiscal discipline as a social norm: the European Stability Pact, Jean Paul Fitoussi, Francesco Saraceno, OFCE
n°21 - july Globalization and the twin protections, Jean Paul Fitoussi OFCE
n°18 - july International Trade and Domestic Distortions: Modelling the Transition Process, Jean-Luc Gaffard, Francesco Saraceno OFCE
n°17 - july The end of (economic) history, Jean Paul Fitoussi
n°15 - july Low-skilled Jobs: The French Strategy, Henri Sterdyniak OFCE
n°14 - may How to deal with economic divergences in EMU?  Catherine Mathieu OFCE, Henri Sterdyniak OFCE
n°13 - april Has the Golden Rule of Public Finance Made a Difference in the UK ? Jérôme Creel OFCE, Paola Monperrus-Veroni, Francesco Saraceno OFCE
n°11 - march International Trade and Financial Integration: a Weighted Network Analysis  Giorgio Fagiolo Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Javier Reyes University of Arkansas, Stefano Schiavo OFCE
n°10 - march Marriage and Work : An analysis for French couples in the last decade  Elena Stancanelli CNRS, GREDEG Nice et OFCE-Sciences-po Paris
n°09 - march Moral sentiments, democracy and redistributive politics: between nature and culture
Gilles Le Garrec, OFCE
n°08 - march On the contingency of equilibrium exchange rates with time- consistent economic policies Antoine Bouveret, Bruno Ducoudré, OFCE
n°06 - february Efficiency of stability-oriented institutions: the european case Fabrice Capoen  (University of Caen) and Jérôme Creel ,OFCE
n°04 - january IWhat (Economic) Constitution does the EU need ?  Éloi Laurent (OFCE-FNSP), Jacques Le Cacheux (OFCE-Pau-Pays de l’Adour )
n°02 - january Entry, innovation, and exit evidence from LAN switch industry  Roberto Fontana, Lionel Nesta (OFCE)
n°01 - january The U-Shaped productivity dynamics of French exporters Flora Bellone (Université de Nice), Patrick Musso (CNRS), Lionel Nesta (OFCE), Michel Quéré (CEREQ)

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