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The Janus-Faced Nature of Debt

24 January 2018 0

by Mattia Guerini, Alessio Moneta, Mauro Napoletano, Andrea Roventini The financial and economic crises of 2008 have been intimately interwined with the dynamics of debt. […]

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Do QE programmes create bubbles?

1 March 2016 0

By Christophe Blot, Paul Hubert and Fabien Labondance Has the implementation of unconventional monetary policies since 2008 by the central banks created new bubbles that […]

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The coming recovery

30 April 2015 0

By the Analysis and Forecasting Department, under the direction of Eric Heyer and Xavier Timbeau This text summarises the OFCE 2015-2016 economic outlook for the euro […]

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No surprises from the Fed*

4 November 2013 0

By Christine Rifflart Not surprisingly, at its meeting on 29 and 30 October the Monetary Policy Committee of the US Federal Reserve decided to maintain […]