Innovation and R&D in Covid-19 recovery plans: The case of France, Germany and Italy

by A. Benramdane, S. Guillou, D. Harrich, and K. Yilmaz

Economies have been dramatically affected by the pandemic of Covid-19 in 2020 (OFCE, 2020). In response, several emergency measures have been undertaken by governments to support the people and the firms that were directly and strongly hit by the lockdowns. After the first shock in spring 2020, which had an international dimension, all economies experienced a decline in their production which jeopardizes their future and the wellbeing of their population. In the near future, bankruptcies and unemployment are expected to increase and the slowdown of private investment will minor both quantitatively and qualitatively the future capacities of production. Meanwhile, the huge rise in public debt will complicate the States’ ability to invest and promote long term growth through public investment. To cope with this dismal future, in addition to emergency measures, many governments have implemented recovery plans to boost and support the economy and to sustain a return to previous levels of wealth. Some governments try, through the recovery measures, to orient their future growth toward specific objectives. In the EU, the Resilience Recovery Facility (RRF), which aims to finance part of EU members’ plan, is adopting this stance by demanding that part of member’s plan will include at least 20% of measures dedicated to digital improvement and 27% dedicated to green investment.

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Germany on the slippery slope of the research tax credit

by Evens Salies and Sarah Guillou

After years of hesitation, the German parliament has just introduced a tax scheme to promote investment in R&D. The decision precedes the Covid-19 crisis, but it may well be heaven-sent for German business.

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L’Allemagne prise dans l’engrenage du CIR

Evens Salies et Sarah Guillou

Après des années d’hésitation, le Parlement allemand vient d’introduire un dispositif fiscal en faveur des dépenses de R&D. La décision précède la crise déclenchée par la Covid-19, mais elle pourrait bien être providentielle pour les entreprises allemandes.

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