The Preamble of the Treaty of Rome: 60 years later, what conclusions can be drawn?

By Éloi Laurent The Treaty establishing the European Economic Community (the more emblematic of the two Treaties of Rome) gave life and body to the...

Do we need a universal basic income? The state of the debate

By Guillaume Allègre and Henri Sterdyniak In a situation of continuing high levels of unemployment and poverty, heightening job insecurity, and fear...

The European economy in 2017 – or, the post-Brexit EU

By Jérôme Creel The just released L’économie européenne 2017 provides a broad overview of the issues being posed today by the European Union project....






Assessing Low Carbon and Resilient Growth in Indonesia: An application of the ThreeME model

Paul Malliet (OFCE - Sciences Po Paris), Nizhar Marizi (BAPPENAS), Frédéric Reynès (TNO), AFD, CEDS



Working Paper


Causes and Consequences of Hysteresis: Aggregate Demand,Productivity and Employment

Giovanni Dosi, Marcelo C. Pereira, Andrea Roventini, Maria Enrica Virgillito




Women and Jihadi Radicalization

Nelly Lahoud (International Institute for Strategic Studies) & Katherine Brown (University of Birmingham), Lectures
PRESAGE, Sciences Po, Paris


T2M 21st Conference Theories and methods in macoreconomics, Optimal fiscal policy with heterogeneous agents and aggregate

Xavier Ragot
Catolica Lisbon School of Business and economics, Lisbon, Portugal


EUROFRAME Conference
Growth and Inequality: Challenges for EU Economies

Berlin, Germany



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