Does central bank optimism move financial markets?

By Paul Hubert and Fabien Labondance “Animal spirits”, also called “errors of optimism and pessimism” or “sentiments”, contribute to macroeconomic ...

Some clarifications on economic negationism

By Pierre Cahuc and André Zylberberg We would like to thank Xavier Ragot for permitting us to respond to his comments about our book, Le Négationnisme...

“The economic negationism” of Cahuc and Zylberberg: the first-order economy

By Xavier Ragot The book by Pierre Cahuc and André Zylberberg[1] is an injunction to take scientific truths about economics into account in the public...




Working Paper


Central Bank Sentiment and Policy Expectations

Paul Hubert, Fabien Labondance



Working Paper


Comment: Inferring Trade Costs from Trade Booms and Trade Busts

Guillaume Corlay, Stéphane Dupraz, Claire Labonne, Anne Muller, Céline Antonin, Guillaume Daudin




Financial Networks and Systemic Risk

6th OFCE-GREDEG-SKEMA Workshop on Complex Evolving System Approach in Economics, SKEMA Business School, Sophia-Antipolis, France


Computational and Financial Econometrics 2016

Paul Hubert (OFCE-Sciences Po), Séville, Spain


Workshop on Empirical Monetary Economics

OFCE, Sciences Po, Paris, France



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