Balance sheets effects of a euro break-up

By Cédric Durand (Université Paris 13), and Sébastien Villemot When it was introduced at the turn of the millennium, the euro was widely perceived as...

Renew the mix: Carry out the energy transition, at last!

By Aurélien Saussay, Gissela Landa Rivera and Paul Malliet The five-year presidential term in France will have been marked by the success of COP21,...

Inflationary pressures are mounting

By Hervé Péléraux The publication of the price index by the INSEE on November 15 confirmed the return of inflation to positive territory, +0.4%, in...





11am - The World in 2017 – Rapport NOMISMA

Richard Carey, Fabrizio Coricelli (PSE) and Andrea Goldstein (Nomisma),
OFCE, Paris


Does Monetary Policy generate Asset Price Bubbles?

Paul Hubert (OFCE, Sciences Po Paris)
Séminaire à l’Université de Warwick, Coventry, UK


Do women want to work more or more regularly? Evidence from a natural experiment

Clémentine van Effenterre (PSE- Ecole d'Economie de Paris)
OFCE Seminar, OFCE, Paris



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