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France: Recovery … at last!

22 April 2015 0

By Mathieu Plane, Bruno Ducoudré, Pierre Madec, Hervé Péléraux and Raul Sampognaro The OFCE’s forecast for the French economy in 2015-2016 is now available. Not since the […]

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Euro zone: Recovery or deflation?

24 April 2014 0

By Céline Antonin, Christophe Blot, Sabine Le Bayon and Danielle Schweisguth This text summarizes the OFCE’s forecast for 2014-2015 for the euro zone economy Will […]

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From austerity to stagnation

10 December 2013 0

By Xavier Timbeau Since 2010, the European Commission has published the Annual Growth Survey to stimulate discussion on the occasion of the European semester, during […]

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Holding to the required course

23 April 2013 0

By Eric Heyer This text summarizes the OFCE’s 2013-2014 forecasts for the French economy. In 2013, the French economy should see negative annual average growth, with […]

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So far so good …

22 February 2013 0

By Christophe Blot The euro zone is still in recession. According to Eurostat, GDP fell again in the fourth quarter of 2012 (‑0.6%). This figure, […]