To our English-speaking friends

by Philippe Weil, president of OFCE

Yes, I know, it looks like we are ignoring you by launching in French this collective blog of OFCE, the French Economic Observatory. Le français is a beautiful language but not all of you may understand it. We must make sure our primary audience – the community of French policy makers, journalists, business people and academics – can read us and not all of them, alas, can (yet) do it dans la langue de Shakespeare. So please forgive us if most of this blog is in French.

We will post for you in English, though, from time to time (hopefully with an increasing frequency!) when we want to make sure we can reach you. The mission entrusted to OFCE is to bring the insights of economics to bear on the analysis of the business cycle and of the policy challenges facing the country. In our globalized world,  most of our contributions are relevant beyond France. So, please, bookmark this blog and keep an eye on it, you too are our target audience and we will not forget you!