Working Paper

Identification with External Instruments in Structural VARs under Partial Invertibility

Silvia Miranda-Agrippino, Giovanni Ricco

Working Paper

Climate Policies and Skill-Biased Employment Dynamics: Evidence from EU countries

Giovanni Marin, Francesco Vona

Working Paper

Market Disequilibrium, Monetary Policy, and Financial Markets: insights from new tools

Jean-Luc Gaffard, Mauro Napoletano



10-11 July

Expert workshop on the creation and uses of combined environmental and economic performance datasets at the micro-level

Francesco Vona
OECD, Paris

06-08 September

The 30th Annual EAEPE Conference 2018

Evolutionary models and the relation between financial and real markets, Call for Papers
session organized by Daniele Giachini, Mattia Guerini, Francesco Lamperti and Andrea Mazzocchetti.
Nice, France

15 September

Call for Papers - Workshop on Empirical Monetary Economics 2018, December 3-4

OFCE, Paris

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