October 7 - Seminar on the European Hamilton Moment/ Forum New Economy & OFCE

virtually via Zoom
- Historical context – on the history of Hamiltonian moments, and what Europe can learn from it/ Contributors: Moritz Schularick, Anne-Laure Delatte
- The current EU Recovery Fund as a potential Hamiltonian moment/ Contributors: Agnès Benassy-Quéré, Jakob von Weizsäcker, Lucas Guttenberg
- Outlook on future potential for further Hamiltonian moments/ Contributors: Jérôme Creel, Tom Krebs







Policy Brief

Firm liquidity and solvency under the Covid-19 lockdown in France

Mattia Guerini, Lionel Nesta, Xavier Ragot, Stefano Schiavo

Working Paper

Carbon Offshoring: Evidence from French Manufacturing Companies

Damien Dussaux, Francesco Vona, Antoine Dechezleprêtre

Working Paper

Anatomy of Green Specialization: Evidence from EU Production Data, 1995-2015

Filippo Bontadini, Francesco Vona

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