Working Paper

Firm Export Diversification and Change in Workforce Composition

Sarah Guillou, Tania Treibich

Revue de l'OFCE

Working Paper

Routinization, Within-Occupation Task Changes and LongRun Employment Dynamics

Davide Consoli, Giovanni Marin, Francesco Rentocchini, Francesco Vona



17-19 June

"The Role of Borrowing Constraints in the Transmission of Monetary Policy"

Conférence annuelle AFSE
Paul Hubert (OFCE, Sciences Po)
Orléans, France

17-19 June

68th Annual meeting of the French Economic Association (AFSE)

Jerôme Creel (OFCE, Sciences Po)
Orléans, France

19 June

Gender budgeting: analysing public spending and tax policies

Mary-Ann Stephenson (UK Women’s Budget Group), Claire Guiraud ( Haut Conseil à l’Égalité), Fran Bennett (Oxford University), Hélène Périvier (OFCE-Sciences Po, Sciences Po’s Gender Studies programme, PRESAGE)
17h - 19h - OFCE, Paris

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