TIME FOR A RECKONING. 2024-2025 Outlook for the French economy 

OFCE Analysis and Forecasting Department, Eric Heyer (dir.) andXavier Timbeau (dir.)

Sailing in all weather conditions the next 25 years: challenges for the euro

Christophe Blot, Jérôme Creel, Hubert Kempf, Sandrine Levasseur, Xavier Ragot, Francesco Saraceno

Under Threat of Unemplyment
2023-2024 Outlook for the French economy

OFCE Analysis and Forecasting Department, Éric Heyer (dir.) and Xavier Timbeau (dir.)

Social Impact of the War in Ukraine (SIWU)

Guillaume Allègre, François Geerolf, Anissa Saumtally, Xavier Timbeau



Working Paper

Robust-Less-Fragile: Tackling in a Macro Agent-Based Model

Gianluca Pallente, Mattia Guerini, Mauro Napoletano, Andrea Roventini

Working Paper

Should Parasites Own a Share of Paradise? Basic Income VS Reciprocity in Social Assistance

Guillaume Allègre

OFCE Analysis and Forecasting Department, Eric Heyer (dir.) and Xavier Timbeau (dir.)



15 May

Heterogeneous agents in macroeconomic models

Xavier Ragot (SciencesPo, OFCE)
Czech National Bank/CERGE-EI/ANR
Prague, République Tchèque

27 May

27 mai
Redistribution and the xage-price dynamics: optimal fiscal and monetary policy

Xavier Ragot (SciencesPo, OFCE)
31st CEPR European Summer Symposium in International Macroeconomics
Banque de France, Paris

07 June

20th EUROFRAME Conference on Economic Policy Issues in Europe

Economic Policies amid increasing Geopolitical Fragmentation
Call for Papers
Kiel, Germany

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