Distributive justice, social norms and the diversity of demands for redistribution

By Gilles Le Garrec When considering the preference for redistribution at the individual level, the first thing we notice is that people with lower...

Growth and inequality in the European Union

By Catherine Mathieu and Henri Sterdyniak "Growth and Inequality: Challenges for the Economies of the European Union" was the theme of the 14th EUROFRAME...

Climate: Trump blows hot and cold

By Aurélien Saussay Donald Trump has thus once again respected one of his campaign promises. Nevertheless, the withdrawal of the United States from...




    Working Paper


Eurozone bond market dynamics, ECB monetary policy and financial stress

Christophe Blot, Jérôme Creel, Paul Hubert, Fabien Labondance




2 pm - 3.30 pm - OFCE Seminar: Central Bank Information and the Effects of Monetary Shocks

Paul Hubert (OFCE, Sciences Po)


Collateral Unchained: Rehypothecation networks, complexity and systemic effects

Mauro Napoletano (OFCE, Sciences Po)
2nd Conference on Network Models and Stress Testing for Financial Stability
Banco de México
Mexico City, Mexico


Public Finance Dialogue, Challenges to European Integration - how to foster a sound and prosperous Union, The case for fiscal transfers and common fiscal instruments

Xavier Ragot
Bundesministerium der Finanzen and ZEW
Berlin, Germany



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