The participation rate and working hours: Differentiated impacts on the unemployment rate

By Bruno Ducoudré and Pierre Madec In the course of the crisis, most European countries reduced actual working hours to a greater or lesser extent...

What can be deduced from the figures on inflation?

By Eric Heyer In May, inflation in the euro area moved closer to the ECB target. The sharp rise in inflation, from 1.2% to 1.9% per annum in the space...

Measuring precautionary savings related to the risk of unemployment

By Céline Antonin The question of how disposable income is shared between savings and consumption involves trade-offs that take place at the household...





    Working Paper


Bayesian Vector Autoregressions

Silvia Miranda-Agrippino, Giovanni Ricco


Optimal fiscal policy with heterogeneous agents and aggregate shocks

Schumpeter Seminar
Xavier Ragot with François Le Grand
Humboldt University
Berlin, Germany

Sovereign default and liquidity: the case for a world safe

Xavier Ragot
Society for Economic Dynamics, Annual Meeting
Mexico City, Mexico

The 30th Annual EAEPE Conference 2018

Evolutionary models and the relation between financial and real markets, Call for Papers
session organized by Daniele Giachini, Mattia Guerini, Francesco Lamperti and Andrea Mazzocchetti.
Nice, France


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