Social Impact of the War in Ukraine (SIWU)

Guillaume Allègre, François Geerolf, Anissa Saumtally, Xavier Timbeau

The Great Reset: 2021 European Public Investment Outlook

Floriana Cerniglia, Francesco Saraceno, and Andrew Watt (eds)

The ECB's Revised Inflation Target

Monetary Dialogue Paper for the European Parliament / Christophe Blot, Caroline Bozou, Jérôme Creel






Working Paper

Antecedents in labor economics

Jean-Luc Gaffard

Working Paper

The Innovative choice as an out-of-equilibrium process: towards an adaptive (or sequence) approach

Jean-Luc Gaffard

Working Paper

The “Baqaee-Farhi approach” and a Russian gas embargo – some remarks on Bachmann et al.

François Geerolf

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