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Revue 127 : The euro area in crisis / La zone euro en crise

Revue 127 : The euro area in crisis / La zone euro en crise   

Les mésalignements de taux de change à l'intérieur de la zone euro

Virginie Coudert, Cécile Couharde, Valérie Mignon

The euro area in crisis: Introduction

Catherine Mathieu, Henri Sterdyniak

Désajustements de change, fédéralisme budgétaire et redistribution : Comment s'ajuster en union monétaire

Vincent Duwicquet, Jacques Mazier, Jamel Saadaoui

Stochastic debt sustainability indicators

Jasper Lukkezen and, Rojas-Romagosa

Debt, assets and imbalances in the euro area: An aggregate view

Christophe Van Nieuwenhuyze

The German “debt brake” : a shining example for European policy

Achim Truger, Henner Will

Do we need fiscal rules?

Catherine Mathieu, Henri Sterdyniak

Global and european financial reforms: Assessment and perspectives

Dominique Perrut

Financial crisis, economic adjustment and a return to growth in the EU

John FitzGerald

How to restore sustainability of the euro?

Kari E. O. Alho

The European Redemption Pact: An illustrative guide

Hasan Doluca, Malte Hübner, Dominik Rumpf , Benjamin Weigert

Good and bad equilibria: What can fiscal (and other) policies do?

Pier Carlo Padoan, Urban Sila, Paul van den Noord

The European Monetary Fund: A systemic problem needs a systemic solution

Stephan Schulmeister

La zone euro en crise

Catherine Mathieu, Henri Sterdyniak



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