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Revue 141 : What future for taxation in the EU?

Revue 141 : What future for taxation in the EU?   

What future for taxation in the EU?: Introduction

Catherine Mathieu, Henri Sterdyniak

The struggle over the Financial Transactions Tax: A politico-economic farce

Stephan Schulmeister

Sustainable tax policy: Concepts and indicators beyond the tax ratio

Margit Schratzenstaller

The scope for progressive tax reform in the OECD countries

Sarah Godar, Christoph Paetz, Achim Truger

The great tax reform, a French myth

Henri Sterdyniak

The interaction between the labour tax wedge and structural reforms in Italy

Michele Catalano, Emilia Pezzolla

Tax policy, investment decisions and economic growth

Manuel Bonucchi, Monica Ferrari and Stefania Tomasini, Tsvetomira Tsenova



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