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19th EUROFRAME CONFERENCE ON ECONOMIC POLICY ISSUES IN EUROPE - The return of inflation: Challenges for European economies

Hosted by OFCE
Venue: Sciences Po, 13, rue de l’Université, Paris

9 June 2023



The 19th EUROFRAME Conference on economic policy issues in EUROPE will focus on the macroeconomic policy challenges for European economies of high inflation.Is the current high inflation a temporary phenomenon or does it represent a change of regime? Who should bear the impacts of rising energy prices? What are the impacts on the green transition? Will it lead to new tensions in the labour market? Wage indexation: should it be restored or abandoned? What economic policies should be employed to tackle inflation and limit its social consequences? Is monetary policy to blame? How will it affect central banks getting out of QE? And what will be the effect of the high inflation on public debt? These are some of the issues which will be addressed during the Conference.


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Communication: Sylvie Le Golvan








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