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Workshop OFCE - Workshop on Empirical Monetary Economics 2024

OFCE 10, place de Catalogne - 75014 Paris

December 9, 2024



The purpose of this workshop is to provide the opportunity to discuss and promote topical empirical research related to all areas of monetary economics. Some particularly relevant topics are:
- The transmission channels of monetary policy
- The role of heterogeneity for monetary policy effects
- Micro evidence of price-setting behavior and expectation formation
- Monetary policy, financial stability and macroprudential policies
- Inflation dynamics and attention
- Central bank balance sheet policies and quasi-fiscal monetary policies
- Monetary policy and transition risks related to climate change
- Central bank communication strategies

Keynote speaker
- Jonathan Wright (Johns Hopkins University)

Please submit a full paper in PDF format by filling this online form. The deadline for submissions is September 15, 2024. Authors will be notified of decisions shortly after.

Practical information
This one-day workshop will take place at OFCE in Paris, France. There is no registration fee and the workshop does not cover travel and accommodation costs.

Christophe Blot (Sciences Po - OFCE and Université Paris-Nanterre)
Paul Hubert (Banque de France and Sciences Po - OFCE)

Scientific Committee
Refet Gürkaynak (Bilkent University and CEPR)
Fabien Labondance (Université de Franche‐Comté)
Céline Poilly (Université d’Aix-Marseille AMSE and CEPR)
Giovanni Ricco (Ecole Polytechnique and CEPR)
Anna Rogantini Picco (European Central Bank and CEPR)

Department of Economics (Sciences Po), Banque de France, CEPR.





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