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N°18 | novembre 2019

Synchronization Patterns in the European Union

Mattia Guerini, Duc Thi Luu, Mauro Napoletano

N°16 | octobre 2019

The Reaction Function Channel of Monetary Policy and the Financial Cycle

Andrew Filardo, Paul Hubert, Phurichai Rungcharoenkitkul

N°15 | septembre 2019

Shocking aspects of monetary policy on income inequality in the euro area

Jérôme Creel, Mehdi El Herradi

N°13 | juillet 2019

Imposition des couples en France et statut marital. Simulation de trois réformes du quotient conjugal

Guillaume Allègre, Hélène Perivier, Muriel Pucci

N°11 | juillet 2019

Financial and fiscal interaction in the euro area crisis: This Time was Different

Alberto Caruso, Lucrezia Reichlin, Giovanni Ricco

N°09 | juin 2019

Firm Export Diversification and Change in Workforce Composition

Sarah Guillou, Tania Treibich



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