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Revue 140 : Eighteenth-Century international trade statistics

Revue 140 : Eighteenth-Century international trade statistics   

General introduction

Eighteenth-Century International Trade Statistics: Sources and Methods

Loïc Charles, Guillaume Daudin


Past and present issues in trade statistics: An insider’s view

Hubert Escaith

Dealing with commodities in Navigocorpus Offering tools and flexibility

Jean-Pierre Dedieu, Silvia Marzagalli

Trade statistics of the Zollverein, 1834-1871

Béatrice Dedinger

Early modern trade flows between smaller states: The Portuguese- Swedish trade in the eighteenth century as an example

Maria Cristina Moreira, Jari Eloranta, Jari Ojala, Lauri Karvonen

One source to rule them all? Combining data about trade and shipping from Amsterdam to the Baltic in the late eighteenth-century

Jeroen van der Vliet

French imports to the Baltic, a quantitative analysis

Dr. Werner Scheltjens

The quantitative development of Germany’s international trade during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries

Ulrich Pfister


Austrian Netherlands, 1759-1791

Ann Coenen

France, c.1713- c.1821

Loïc Charles, Guillaume Daudin

Genoa, sixteenth century-1797

Luisa Piccinno, Andrea Zanini

Habsburg Monarchy, eighteenth century-1918

Klemens Kaps

Hamburg, 1728-1811

Klaus Weber

Ireland, 1698-1829

Patrick Walsh, Aidan Kane, Eoin Tennisman

Naples, sixteenth century-1809

Daniela Ciccolella

Livorno, 1680-1845

Mathieu Grenet

Milan, 1762-1790

Giovanna Tonelli

Netherlands, 1753-1809

Werner Scheltjens

Norway, 1731-1795

Ragnhild Hutchinson

Papal States, sixteenth-nineteenth centuries

Donatella Strangio

Poland, 1764-1791

Szymon Kazusek, Jan Kochanowski

Portugal, 1775-1831

Maria Cristina Moreira

Romanian Principalities, eighteenth century

Cristian Luca

Russia, 1758-1766 .

Werner Scheltjens

Scotland, 1707-1783

Philipp Robinson Rössner

Spain, 1717-1827 .

Javier Cuenca-Esteban

Spanish America, 1790-1830 .

Alejandra Irigoin

Sweden and Finland c.1700-1809, Finland 1809-c.1850

Jari Ojala, Jari Eloranta

United Kingdom, 1696-1899

David Jacks

United States, 1790-1819

Javier Cuenca-Esteban

Missing countries

Loïc Charles, Guillaume Daudin



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